Friday, December 7, 2007

TiddlyWiki: Best Note-taking Application for the Eee

Since I got my Eee PC last week, I was busy customizing its built-in Xandros Linux installation by installing all my preferred applications.  As chronicled in this blog, I was able to install Opera, Flock, Wireshark and Google Desktop.

One application that I have so far failed to set up was a viable note-taking application.  I looked at Tomboy and Basket but installing them involves upgrading a lot of Xandros packages and *might* render my Eee inoperable -  something I'd hate to happen at this point.

Then I remembered a cool stand-alone wiki called TiddlyWiki.  I remember dabbling with it a few months ago and it suddenly hit me -- why not use TiddlyWiki as my own note-taking application?  It doesn't require any installation and it works well with Eee's bundled FireFox and my newly installed Flock!

So I promptly downloaded my own copy of TiddlyWiki and saved it on my SD card partition.  and what do you know?  It works pretty well!  Now I have my own note-taking application without even having to install anything.

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Nathan said...

I'm a fellow EEE user, also kinda wishing he could install another notetaking app other than the one included...I really like notecase, but I ran into the same upgrade issues as you. TiddlyWiki is a great idea!

Juergen said...

BernieJ - would be interested to hear your experience after several months of TW on the eee - I'm considering a purchase, and need my TW to 'go with me'... I have a 2.5mb file size by now, and typically use Prism to run it. I was wondering how the performance is on the eee, comparted to other boxes, when you work w/ your TW? how bout paging speed ( did you do the RAM upgrade yet? :-) )

Berniej said...

@juergen: My experience with TiddlyWiki is great so far. The speed I get with it on my Eee is similar to my experience in using it with my Apple iBook 800 Mhz.

BTW, I alternately use FireFox and Flock with it.