Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eee PC + Jailbroken iPod Touch= Happiness

One of the downside of always bringing my Eee PC with me everyday is its inability to directly sync up with my iPod Touch.  Not much of a big deal because my music library is rarely updated.  My problem is my inability to add eBook files to my Touch.  I use my iPod Touch more as an eBook reader and since I read fast, I need to add new eBooks rather frequently and just this morning, I finished yet another book.

So I thought of experimenting with my Eee PC so I can use it to upload an eBook to my iPod Touch and heres how I did it:
  • I made sure that my iPod is running the BSD  Subsystem  and  OpenSSH is enabled.
  • On my Eee PC, I checked if I can connect to the iPod Touch by opening a Terminal window and issuing the command "ssh -l root + [Enter]"  where  xxx  is the last  octet  of  my  iPod Touch's IP address.  The Terminal session will ask for a password so enter your iPod Touch's root password.
  • Once connected, I typed "ls" and see if I can list down the files on your iPod Touch.  Then I ended my SSH session by typing "exit"
  • Then I typed "sftp + [Enter]" then entered my root password when prompted.
  • I then navigated to /Media/EBooks and issued the command "put [name_of_my_ebook]" and after a few seconds... HAPINESS... I have a new eBook on my iPod Touch!
Note that the iPod Touch I used in this exercise has already been "jailbroken".  An iPod Touch that is "fresh" out of the box will not work with the procedures I outlined here.  That being said, this procedure can also be used with a jailbroken iPhone.

Happy hacking!

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aMoLk said...

you could also very simply use SCP for unix to unix copying. You can make a 1liner script to do the job.