Monday, April 6, 2009

MSI Wind Tip: Sharing Files between a Dual-boot Wind (XP & OSX)

Now that I'm running a dual-boot MSI Wind (XP Home & OSX) I have a problem about sharing files between OSX and XP.  This is not a really big problem with OSX because the XP partition is seen as a read-only drive but under XP, the OSX partition is rendered invisible.  This makes things a bit difficult for me because I may have files I downloaded or created under OSX that I will need to access in XP.

The simplest solution to this problem is to save all data files onto a USB flashdrive.  This solution may suffice to most users but I personally don't want an extra appendage constantly attached to my Wind so I thought of a more elegant solution.

There's this cross-platform service called DropBox and I installed the DropBox client on both XP and OSX.  Whenever I am running on either OS and need to share a file between the my XP and OSX partition, I just save it on my DropBox folder.  Easy and no sweat sharing of files!

cool huh?
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My WindOSX-periment -- 95% Functional

This is a continuation of my two previous posts.

The OSX installation on my MSI Wind was a resounding success.  I have a fairly stable system and everything seems to "just work" even if I had to jump through hoops to make them work the first time.  Here are some of the additional customizations I did on my WindOSX so far:
  • I was able to make its built in wifi adapter to work using a leaked driver that can be easily searched on the 'net.  That means I don't have to crack this baby open and replace its wifi adapter in order to have untethered access to the 'net.
  • Using a nifty little program called Audieee4Wind and CHUD, I was able to make the headphone-out of this baby work.  However, I am still searching for a way to make the microphone work.
So far, the only things *not* working under OSX the are microphone and the VGA out (fixable by applying the updated video drivers).  The webcam initially didn't work under Photobooth but it eventually did when I applied the 10.5.6 combo update.

So, what's in store for this OSX-ified MSI Wind?  I'll probably hack it until I find a way to make everything "just work" and by that time, I hope I have enough dough to buy me the real McCoy.
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