Monday, June 30, 2008

Eeep! The MSI Wind is Finally Available Locally!

Well, its official: The much awaited MSI Wind ulpc is now available locally at PC Corner! Initial pricing ranges from Php 24K (around $535) for a "bare" unit with no OS and it goes up to Php32K (around $710) for one that has Windows XP preinstalled among other add-ins.

Although the Wind is priced around Php10K more than the entry-level Eee PC, the Wind has the upper hand in terms of processor (Intel Atom), keyboard/trackpad size, and storage. If I'm in the market for a laptop, I wouldn't think twice before getting this baby over the HP2133(mininote) but I would have to reserve final judgement until Acer and Dell comes out with their own entry to the ulpc niche.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

OSX on the MSI Wind!

A fellow at Insanely Mac was able to hack his way into installing OS X on the yet-to-be-officially-released MSI Wind! It is running OSX 10.5.2 (kalyway) and according to the person who did it, ethernet and bluetooth works but he's still working on making its built-in wifi to work.

Not to shabby eh?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Evernote 3 Rocks... Especially with the Eee PC!

A few weeks ago, I was alerted to the fact that Evernote has launched a web-based service where notes taken using Evernote on a desktop can be uploaded and saved to the Evernote server on the internet. I got really interested but at that time, the service was still in closed beta. I completely forgot about it until this morning when I heard that this new service is now available to the public.

I promptly registered for a free online account (which grants me a 40 Mb of online storage) and promptly installed the newest version of Evernote. I installed it on my Eee PC, weary of the additional storage space it will occupy in my measly 4Gb of Eee PC SSD storage. I was surprised when after installing Evernote on my Eee PC, the installer asked me if I want to install a "portable version" of the program!

I allowed it to install the portable version and I uninstalled the copy that is on my SSD. Now, I can continue using Evernote 3 without having to worry about its impact on my small Eee PC's SSD!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Foil Keyloggers with Keyscrambler

I have been doing an Information Security Awareness training for the past couple of days and in doing so, I realized that I am not practicing what I preach... I have been discussing about trojan horses and keyloggers and I realized that I am now using Windows XP and I am not exactly protected against keyloggers.

Good thing I chanced upon a program called Keyscrambler. It is a browser add-in (compatible with IE7, Firefox and Flock) that, as the title program says, scrambles the keystroke you enter on your browser. It is a nice additional security layer for people who, like me, sometimes finds themselves using the 'net on public wi-fi access points.

Its also kind of cool to actually see how keyscrambler encrypts your keystrokes on the fly.

Keyscrambler is a free download, but will cost you a few dollars in case you want inreased functionality.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eee PC running MacOS 7.0.1?

Screw Snow Leopard, MacOS Classic rulez!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

AirborneAccess + Smart Gold Promo!

If you are in the Philippines and is a subscriber of Smart Gold, then here's some good news:

Get unlimited monthly Wi-Fi access at Airborne Access hotspots with your Smart Gold and Addict post-paid subscription!

Starting June 3, 2008; all SMART Gold and Addict subscribers who still wish to avail of the Unlimited WiFi Connections through Airborne Access may register for the promo with the following offerings:

1. P99.00 (less than $2) Monthly Service Fee (VAT inclusive)
2. Unlimited WiFi access in all Airborne Access Hotspots
3. Monthly Service Fee discount from P199.00 to P99.00 monthly for existing pre-registered subscribers.


1. Subscribers should text REG to 9434 using the Smart Gold/Addict account to be registered in the WiFi promo

2. The password shall be sent to the SMART Gold /Addict MIN/mobile phone of the subscriber within 2 hours upon successful registration.

3. Subscribers will receive an error message for unsuccessful registrations.

4. Within a Hotspot area, the subscriber should access the SMART Gold Airborne Access log-in page where the username and password should be entered. The mobile number is the default username.

5. The log-in page shall display the Terms and Conditions for the service for his/her acceptance. If accepted, the subscriber is allowed to access the internet.

More details at the AirborneAccess website

Woopra Rocks!

Tried the analytics web application called Woopra and I loved it! It gives a real-time view of the web visitors that goes to websites/blogs. Above is a screenshot of *this* blog where someone from Canada is reading a post on Doom.

Intallation of the Woopra app is quick and easy but its not intantly visible on my Eee. I had to download and install another app to make everything viewable (more on this app later).

Monday, June 2, 2008

DIY Plurk Client (Just like my previous post)

...the only difference is the URL is Cool huh?

Friday, May 30, 2008

My DIY Twitter Client via FireFox

When I XP-fied my Eee PC, one of the things I *avoid* doing is install non-essential apps to it to preserve my 1Gb+ free storage. To do this, I used PortableApps from the external SD card but not all the things I want to use are available as a portable application... one of them is a Twitter application.

Anyway, having tried using the mobile version of Twitter on my iPhone, I tried adding a new sidebar panel on FireFox Portable with the url and it worked! Now I uninstalled Twhirl and Adobe Air and is now using my twitter sidebar most of the time.

There is a question in the comments section on how I "detached" my sidebar from Firefox. I did it by installing a Firefox add-on called EZ-Sidebar.

Bullet-point Review: The Axioo Classmate PC

  • It looks like the Neo Xplore X1.
  • Unlike the Neo Xplore X1, the Axioo Classmate PC doesn't have a traditional hard drive, opting for a meager 2GB SSD.
  • It has PCLinuxOS preinstalled which I find rather difficult to work with.
  • In preinstalled Linux is full-blown -- too many apps installed.
  • The integrated graphics processor is powerful enough to run Compiz Fusion with relative ease.
  • It does look like a kid's lunchbox when closed.
  • It is difficult to use on a WPA-encrypted wireless network but a breeze to use on an unprotected wifi network.
  • Its ethernet connection is also relatively easy to configure.
  • Plays stunning video -- provided the video file is of high quality too. :)
  • The keyboard has a better feel than the keyboard of the Eee PC. However, it only has one [Shift] key, making touch typing a chore.
  • No integrated webcam (as if I use my Eee PC's integrated webcam...).
  • Integrated speakers are barely audible.
  • The package I got doesn't have a restore CD, which will make it difficult to restore in case something goes wrong with the OS.
  • Driver download from the web seems to be non-existent (I can be wrong here) making a DIY upgrade to WinXP an impossibility (for now).
  • Should be good enough if a user only intends to do web surfing, emailing and 'light' document writing.
  • I'd be laughed out of the conference room if I decide to bring this to a meeting.
  • The SD/MMC card slot is at the back of the unit, making it a chore to install/swap cards.
  • It only has two USB ports available.
More later...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Eee PC has VD!

Well, VD, in this case means Virtual Desktop (gotcha!).

When I went "Philistine" and installed Windows XP on my Eee, one of the things I missed was the virtual desktop that was built in to Eee's bundled Xandros Linux. Well, when I downloaded TweakUI Powertoy from Microsoft, I noticed an application called "Virtual Desktop Manager". I downloaded it (its quite small) and installed it. At first I was sort of lost on how to use it -- it turns out that you'll have to do a right-click on the Windows Taskbar and choose the virtual desktop manager from the toolbar submenu.

Anyway, I was able to activate it and it seems to work well.

Now I can organize my running apps more efficiently and I also have an additional eye-candy which I can show my non-geek friends.

Acer Aspire "One"

Hot on the heels of Dell's entry to the ULPC niche comes Acer's Aspire One. Both ULPC is expected to make an appearance next week at Computex. [from umpcportal]

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dell-icious ULPC from... Dell

Gizmodo was able to snag an exclusive photo of Dell's entry to the ULPC (Ultra Low-cost PC) niche and it looks absolutely Dell-icious!

I hope this is not one of Gizmodo's infamous practical jokes...

Via OpenBook: If At First You Don't Succeed

When Asus announced their popular Eee PC, Via Technologies followed suit with their own NanoBook reference design. Despite their similarities, the Eee PC succeeded while the NanoBook came out as a"2nd rate trying hard copycat" and the dismal reviews for Via's "baby" did not help at all.

Now, it looks like Via wants to have a second shot at the niche created by the Eee PC by releasing the OpenBook reference design website. This new design's specs are quite impressive on paper and should they pull this off at the current $400 price of similarly designed computers, Via may have a winner here.

Here's hoping...

Monday, May 26, 2008

CDisplayEx on Eee

I was a a bit bored and decided to read some comicbooks... on my Eee. I used CDisplayEx and the reading experience is pretty good!

My Eee PC on SP3

I just applied Windows XP Service Pack 3 on my XP-fied Eee PC. My free space was down to 1.5+ Gb from around 2 Gb. No worries because the SP3 uninstall files now weighs in at around 220+ Mb and once I see that my system is stable, I'll let CCleaner remove it so I'd still have ample space on my Eee.

I downloaded the SP3 file manually and applied it by double-clicking the file. I opted to do the download-and-install method because I heard that it is among the safest way of applying the patch.

So far, my Eee PC seems stable enough. The hacks I installed before SP3 are all working flawlessly and if I do not encounter any problems until Wednesday, I'll clean up my SSD to free up precious disk space.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

NetBook Remix: Ubuntu for ULPCs!

It looks like the niche we are in, the ULPC (Ultra Low-cost PC) niche, will have our own Ubuntu distro called "NetBook Remix". Here's what Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, has to say about it when asked by The Guardian, if he will be coming out with a special Ubuntu version for the small laptops we love:

We're announcing it in the first week of June. It's called the Netbook Remix. We're working with Intel, which produces chips custom-made for this sector.
So that's it, straight from the horse's mouth. Can't wait for June!

Here's the link to the complete interview.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

uMobile + LG KU 380 + CDR King "Smallest Bluetooth Dongle" = Happiness?

I just bought a really small Bluetooth dongle from CDR King and paired it with the free uMobile handset (LG KU 380) and guess what? I got a decent online speed from my house at Sta. Rosa Laguna!

If I can consistently get this speed, then I'll have a reason to just drop my CRAPPY Digitel DSL service. Why? well, look below and see why I'd prefer surfing using my cellphone:

The Redfox Wizbook [Know Thy Eee-nemy]

The ULPC (Ultra Low-cost PC) niche is indeed getting crowded as more and more manufacturers enter the niche and here's one of the latest entries: the 10-inch screen Redfox Wizbook. Running a 500 Mhz AMD LX800 processor, this *may* be a bit slower than the Eee PC *BUT* this baby costs only Php19,000 (around $450) making it worthy of a second look.

There is a smaller Wizbook (Wizbook 800) that has an 8-inch screen and has an LX700 processor running at 400 Mhz. Priced competetively at Php 16,000 (around $ 380), this is a direct competitor of the original Eee PC 701.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Separated at Birth?

Snagged this controversial photo from engadget. See anything suspiciously suspicious?

Taking The WinXP Plunge... Again

After holding out for a looooong time, I finally took the plunge and installed Windows XP on my Eee PC! I'm actually posting this from my spanking brand new(?) OS! My first attempt was not up to par because it rendered my Eee PC mute (no sounds).

Anyway, I was able to finally make everything work now and so far so good! To save on the disk space I did not install any major applications on Windows, opting instead for the Portable Apps suite. Installed as portable apps are OpenOffice.Org, FireFox, 7-zip, GAIM, uTorrent, and few more. I am using portable apps not only to save disk space but also to prevent my Windows XP registry from being borked before its time. Now, almost all my programs (except for a 3rd party firewall app Ashampoo) are running off my 2GB SD Card. To "fix" the low resolution screen of the Eee PC, I also installed Astray+ *after* updating the graphics drivers as recommended here.

Even with Windows XP, the Eee PC is still not "able" enough to function as a primary PC and it will still act as my secondary, take-along computer. So far, I have not seen any obvious advantage of using Windows XP over the bundled Xandros Linux except that my Eee PC is now more vulnerable to 99% of the malware out in the wild.

I wonder how long I can tolerate using this before going back to Xandros?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Eee PC 900, Unboxed... Locally!

My good friend, reverseengineer (of Macadoodle and PeeePCeee) got his grubby little hands on a review unity of the Eee PC 900. For the uninitiated, the Eee PC 900 has a larger screen, larger internal storage (up to 20 GB) and presumably also a larger pricetag.

Anyway, reverseengineer has had the pleasure of doing an unboxing "ritual" and it can be found here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blue H1: A Philippines-only Eee Competitor?

Blue Digital Systems

It got the attention of Engadget and it also got mine.  The Blue H1 has a rather decent specs is said to have a better battery life than the Eee PC considering its larger 40 GB hard drive.  It is reported to run Linpus, a distro that I'm not too familiar with.
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Blame it on the iPhone!

I know... I know...

I haven't been updating this blog for a while now.  Well, you guys can blame it on the Apple iPhone!  I just got one from a friend (which I have to remember to pay :) ) and its been keeping me busy these past few days.

Add to that the week-long training that I'm slated to take between May 21 to 25.

To my 4 loyal readers, my apologies.  I will try to update this blog as soon as the inspiation hits.

In the meantime... I'll continue playing with my new phone :)
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Monday, April 14, 2008

MSI's 8.9- to 10-inch "Wind" [Know They Eee-nemy]

MSI's 8.9- to 10-inch Wind breaks in Q2 for less than $500 - Engadget

The ultraportable pc niche is really starting to get scorching hot as more and more PC manufacturers announce their own version of small laptops.  This is really good news because it offers users with a wealth of inexpensive ultraportable computing choices.  Together with cheap broadband access, the introduction of these types of machines may indeed help in bridging the digital divide.
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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Cloudbook Has Landed! [Know Thy Eee-nemy]

The Eee PC's first serious competition will soon be available locally -- end of April 2008 to be exact. I chanced upon this juicy piece of information through an email I received earlier today. The distributor will be "Advance Microsystems Corp." a local company and they can be found online at -- too bad their website doesn't show the Cloudbook... yet.. The local Cloudbook will have an SRP of Php 19,999, the same SRP of the Eee PC when it was first iintroduced locally.

Will this pose a serious threat to the Eee?

I'd love to hear some comments from my readers :)
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Test Driving SafePup


Out of boredom, I tried to install SafePup from a seldomly-used flashdrive I have and I must say that I'm a bit impressed with the performance of the diminutive Linux distro.  SafePup is a variant of Puppy Linux, one of the so-called minimalist Linux distribution.  The whole SafePup system occupies a little less than 65MB of my unused 128MB flash drive.

Making SafePup boot from a flashdrive is as easy as formatting the flashdrive using FAT as its filesystem and simply copying the SsafePup files into it.  Then to use it, simply press the Esc button while the Eee is booting up and choose the flashdrive in the boot up routine.

SafePup seems quick and robust and may well be  a worthy alternative to the bundled Xandrox Linux.
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Dell to Release its own Eee PC Competitor [Know Thy Eee-nemy]

CNN reports that Compal, one of the large contract manufacturers for Dell says that they are manufacturing yet another 8.9" ultra portable laptop that Dell intends to sell by June of this year.  Reported to retail for less than $499 (around Php 20,000+), this will definitely be another Eee PC competitor.

This niche is really starting to get interesting considering that HP has already released their own 8.9" model (the Mini-Note) and other manufacturers are also coming out with their own version of the ultra-small laptop.  I sure hope that the industry sustains this thrust because these types of computers are highly instrumental in truly bridging the digital divide.

The "powers that be" at Asus should start patting themselves at the back for starting this trend.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

F9 to the Rescue!

An Eee PC user that often tinker with his computer would know how invaluable the F9 key is in restoring the Eee PC to its factory default. By pressing the F9 key while booting up, one can wipe out everything in the Eee PC and return it to its factory fresh condition.

I often used the F9 key to restore my Eee PC each time I bork my system but today I found another use for it. Last night, I spent a lot of time reading using the built-in ebook reader of the Eee PC. When I realized that it was time to sleep, I promptly turned off my Eee but it got sort of stuck in the shutdown window. So I forced it to turn off by performing a long-press of the power button.

This morning, I turned on my Eee PC but it just boots up to a black screen! Thinking that the system simply "slept", I pressed the power button to wake it up but upon pressing it, the Eee shuts down immediately. I tried to start my system twice and the same thing happened! Thinking that I messed up my Eee, I thought of wiping out my system and starting again fresh. But instead of restoring my Eee to factory default, I decided to use the option to check the disks.

After a few seconds of checking, my Eee restarted normally! This saved me a lot of time tweaking and reinstalling my apps. So there, if you think you messed up your configuration, don't wipe out your system just yet, maybe a simple disk check can breathe new life into your Eee -- saving you time in reinstalling and re-tweaking.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

HP's 2133: Great Hardware, Crappy OS

PC World - HP's 2133: A Tiny Laptop an Adult Can Really Use

If we are to take this review seriously, it seems like the HP2133 is a worthy adversary for the Eee PC in terms of hardware specs but the praises ends there. It seems like its preloaded Microsoft Vista is acting like a millstone around the HP2133's neck causing this little wonder to slow down and not perform at its peak,.

Too bad, it certainly looks really good but at almost double the price, I'll take an Eee PC anytime... for now...

UPDATE: Hours after posting, it seems like the 2133 is now available in the U.S. with an SRP of $499 (around Php21,000) for the base model, its higher spec'ed sibling will retail at around $749 (around Php 31,000). See more details here and here. It is now oficially known as the "HP Mini-Note".
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Fix for Eee PC's "Out of the Box" SAMBA Vulnerability

There was a buzz on the 'net about the Eee PC's "out of the box" vulnerability through SAMBA. As a stop-gap measure, I simply uninstalled SAMBA from my Eee because I have no need to access any Windows box. I did this by typing the command "sudo apt-get remove samba" from the console.

A few days ago, I was looking for things to install through Synaptic (by typing "sudo synaptic" at the console window) and I saw this.

So I promptly installed it and now I can breathe a bit easier.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Globe Telecoms Finally Relents: Allows Time-Based 'Net Connection!

One of the reasons why people refuse to go online using their Globe Handyphones is the expensive rates they charge -- Php0.15/KB.  Under this pricing scheme, a 10-minute visit to a media-rich website will cost a user a lot!    This is why Globe's chief rival, Smart Communications has gained a lot of subscribers because Smart has een offering GPRS/EDGE/3G access at Php10/30mins which means that no matter what kind of website is visited, the charge remains to be tied to Php10 as long as the access does not go beyond 30 minutes.

Globe has finally come to their senses and now offers GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA access at Php5/15minutes!  Based on my experiences, I find going online using Globe a bit faster than using a Smart.  Anyway, this is a real welcome news because I am a regular (not prepaid) subscriber of Globe for the longest time now.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

PornEee: Eee PC vs. Fujitsu U1010

Picasa Web Albums - Bernie - Talkin' Tech - DSC00042.JPG

I had a chance to (man)handle the Fujitsu U1010 early today.  It belongs to the boss of my boss which is actually the president of the small company I work with.  It is obviously smaller and lighter than the Eee PC **BUT** it is running Windows Vista Home Premium which makes the machine really sluggish.

But despite its rather slow performance, I find it really attractive despite it being four times more expensive than my Eee PC.
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Extra Eee PC Batteries Now Available Locally!

Eee Accessories -- look at page1 for the items...

An enterprising member of the local Eee PC enthusiast forum (silieee) is now taking orders for the elusive extra batteries for the Eee PC.  This is a god-send to a lot of Eee PC users because of the not-too-impressive battery life of the current generation Eee PC.

Just click on the link above for pricing and availability.
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Scary Monday! [Webcam non-problem]

I was fiddling with my Eee PC at home yesterday when I switched to Easy Mode on a whim and clicked on the webcam app.  Well, the application only showed me a black screen!  I fiddled around with my Eee PC trying to see what's wrong with it.  The unit I was playing with was barely two weeks old and I was thinking of the hassle of having to drive to the store where I got it to have it fixed/replaced.  I was also fretting that if the store decides to simply repair my unit, I'd be left with no computer!

Well, just as a friend found a solution to a much bigger problem after dinner, so have I... I decided to check my Eee PC's BIOS setting (by pressing F2 during boot up) after dinner and I found that my webcam was disabled on the BIOS!

A big sigh of relief escaped from me because now I have a fully working Eee PC and the problem that I was trying to fix is not even a problem at all.
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Testing BloGTK 1.1 from the Eee PC

This is a test post using BloGTK 1.1 from my Eee PC.

Although this blogging client is not as full-featured as the one that is built-in to Flock, BloGTK may be of some use for me whenever I get the blogging "itch".

I will soon post a short how-to on installing and configuring BloGTK in my coming posts so keep... um... posted :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Can *Real* Work be Done on an Eee?

As I've mentioned, this is my 2nd Eee PC.  I've thought long and hard before getting this because a week before I actually purchased my 2nd Eee PC, Intel's "Classmate PC" (locally known as the eXporer X1).  But after a short look at it, I deemed it unfit for my work-related needs.

Anyway, back to topic:  Can one really do *real* work on an Eee PC?  I primarily use the Eee PC in the office as my quick-reference machine -- it is always connected to the 'net so that if ever I need to look up something, its ready to consult Google and Wikipedia.  To date, I already did a couple of magazine articles on the Eee but in relation to my real bread-and-butter, I have yet to use it to earn *real* money.  But I do use it to track my projects using a TiddlyWiki variant called MonkeyGTD.  Most of the stuff written in this blog was also done on the Eee PC.

This Eee PC is also the repository of my personal financial data (as if I need one :) ) using a nifty program called Buddi.  I also store notes on it through TiddlyWiki.  I am looking forward to using this Eee PC to do a presentation to my clients and hopefully I can do it within the next coupe of weeks.

So, can real work really be done using the Eee PC?  I still think that the Eee is not meant to be a primary computer.  I can live with the Eee PC because I have a full-sized laptop at home and a desktop computer at the office.  If push comes to shove, I think I can live using the Eee PC exclusively but I shudder at the thought of how it will affect my hands -- its keyboard *may* cause Repetitive Stress Syndrome (RSS) because of its size but then again, its the size that makes it an attractive complementary computer for me and for a lot of people.

Note: this post really has no point.  I just wrote this to kill time while waiting for my car to get fixed :)
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Word of Warning to Eee Users Out There...

A good friend (you know who you are) called me yesterday asking for help with his Eee PC problem.  He filled up his Eee PC's internal SSD storage and the Eee simply refused to boot anymore.  This is the first time that I've encountered this problem and I tried to help him the best I can -- like telling him to mount his internal SSD from his eeeXubuntu-bootable SD/MMC card to using the "su" command so he can access the files from his home directory in the internal SSD.  I'm sure he'll blog this interesting experience himself and I'll eagerly await how he resolves this little conundrum.

You see, despite my apparent knowledge in Linux, I have yet to consider myself an expert but there's one thing I learned from this... never ever fill up your Eee PC's internal storage!!!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3-D Desktop for Eee!

While waiting for a client to call, I browsed around my Eee PC's Synaptic Package Manager when a particular application caught my eye: It was called "Xandros 3ddesktop". Its description says "This package contains configuration files to make the 3D desktop program activate under the Xandros KDE desktop when F12 is pressed." Throwing caution to the wind, I installed it and after a restart, I was greeted by the picture shown above when I pressed F12! I was so amazed by the effect that I added an additional virtual desktop to my configuration because having *only* two virtual desktops makes the effect less... um... effective. :)

I must caution that my Eee is running with a 1Gb RAM and this 3D effect may cause machines with less RAM to slowdown considerably.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

GameboyEee - Eee PC becomes a Gameboy Advance


Here's how to convert your Eee into a supersized Gameboy Advance:
  • Make sure that you have added the necessary repository on your Eee's Synaptic package manager.
  • Open a console window and invoke the command "sudo apt-get install visualboyadvance"
  • You will then be prompted that VisualBoyAdvance will be installed, together with two library files.
  • Once the installation is done, invoke the command "VisualBoyAdvance -F YourRom.GBA"
And that's it! A supersized emulated Gameboy Advance for your gaming pleasure!

Note: Before you install VisualBoyAdvance, make sure that you have some GBA ROMs ready for use.  Also, your ROM must be saved on the folder where you invoke the last command I mentioned above.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Intel NetBook Gets a Specsheet! [Know Thy Eee-nemy]

Well, stop sniffing on the vavor(ware) and read the complete spec sheet for the Intel NetBook. According to Gizmodo, the Netbook will be manufactured (at least in the US) by CTL and should be available within the next 60 days(?). I wonder if it will become available locally through a different vendor?

Oh, and the good news? It seems to have a way to connect to an external monitor/DLP projector via "Digital LVDS" (whatever that is...).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to Eee!

Well, it looks like the universe is conspiring so that I will have no choice but to go back to using an Eee PC.

A few weeks ago, I lost my MacBook. To help me get through the loss, I opted to get an el cheapo laptop so I can continue working. A few days before that, I sold my old black Eee to my sister on a whim -- bad decision coupled with bad luck huh?

Anyway, yesterday, my almost 4-year old Apple iBook's display seems to have conked out. I sense that it still boots up but but its LCD screen refuses to turn on. So today, Easter Sunday, I brought my family to an Easter Mass and we strolled around the Bonifacio High Street. After a hearty lunch, I noticed a small store called "Portable1" and found that they have stocks of the Eee PC at a price that is too tempting to pass off. So I went home with a white Eee PC (4GB SSD, 1GB RAM).

So now I spent the afternoon configuring it as near as my previous Eee PC (which I dubbed Macbookquito). In the weeks that I got out of touch from the Eee "scene", a lot of things has already happened. There is now a script that makes it quite easy to activate the Eee's "advanced mode", but the current version of Flock (Flock 1.1) doesn't seem to work well. Anyway, I don't want to invest too much time customizing this Eee because I plan to install Windows XP to it -- just to make things a bit... well... interesting.

Oh, and one more thing... I plan to call my new Eee "Macbookqui2", in honor of my first Eee PC. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Classmate PC and NetBook Side-bySide Photo

Flickr: Photos from mgminthu

To doubters who claim that Intel's Classmate and Netbook are one and the same, here's proof to debunk them.  The one on the left is the Netbook (notice the rectangular trackpad and larger screen) and the one beside it is the Classmate (circular trackpad and obviously smaller screen).

Too bad it doesn't show if it has VGA-out.  Anyway, here are some more pics:
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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Intel NetBook Is Coming? [Know Thy Eee-nemy]

Is This the Intel Netbook?

Suspiciously looking like the Classmate PC (retailed locally as the Neo eXplore X1), the Netbook is set to be released by mid-2008.

Hopefully, the Intel Netbook will fill the gaps that has been opened up by the Classmate PC especially its lack of USB ports (the Classmate only has two) and VGA port (the Classmate has none).  I also hope that Intel gives potential Netbook users the option to run Linux from it because, IMHO, Windows is simply too bloated to run on such machines.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Intel Classmate PC in the Wild [Know Thy Eee-nemy]

This might well be the first "in the wild" picture of Intel's Classmate PC reference design.  It is now available for sale at a store in Park Square 1  Makati.  It is branded as "Neo" and the model name is Extreme X1.

I was able to convince the store personnel to show this little beast to me and from what I have gathered, it has a 30Gb hard drive, 512 MB RAM and obviously it is running an Intel Processor.  It comes preloaded with Windows XP Starter Edition.  Screen resolution defaults to 800 x 600 but it can be maxed out to 1024 x 768.  The keys are as cramped as that of the Eee PC and I had trouble right-clicking on stuff on the desktop.

It is definitely thicker than the Eee PC and its folder-like cover (which doubles as a carrying case) makes it look like a child's toy.

I almost whipped out my credit card to get this but lucidity immediately came into play when I saw how ridiculous I'd look lugging this to a meeting with my clients.
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Know Thy Eee-nemy: The MSI "Wind"


Although not much details were released on this new eeep on the block, what's known for now makes it a rather attractive alternative because:
  • 8- or 10-inch display
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • option for SSD or traditional hard drive
  • Intel Atom CPU
But then again, who knows? Maybe the wind will turn out to be yet another "vaporware".
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Know thy Eee-nemy: ECS ‘G10IL’ is a pretty Eee with 3G wireless built in

CrunchGear » Archive » ECS ‘G10IL’ is a pretty Eee with 3G wireless built in

And look at the cutesy keyboard!


Release date is still up in the air but at this early in the game, the G10IL looks pretty solid.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Whoa Mama! The 9" Eee PC is So Near, I Can Taste It!


Some of you may already heard of the bad news... my 13" MacBook was stolen last week... a few days after I sold my 4G Eee PC 701 to my sister.  Yeah, I know... big bummer!

Anyway, looking at the silver lining of this cloud that had formed over my head, I find it serendipitous that Apple had released a new line of MacBooks days before my MacBook was stolen.  Then barely weeks after I sold my old Eee PC, this comes along.  Is the universe conspiring so that I can refresh my gear?

I am blogging this using an El Cheapo, no-name generic laptop running both Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP (dual boot) and I am quite thankful to my Eee PC experience because I now know my way around Linux to make me use my Ubuntu installation more than WinXP.  A friend (or a relative) may look forward to another bargain laptop for sale once the 9" Eee PC becomes available locally because this is just to sweet to pass up.

And as for this blog, well, it just had a new lease on life, thanks to the 9" Eee.
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Why oh Why???

Last night, I received an SMS from my good friend the Doodler owns PeeePCeee asking me why I sold my MacBookquito.  Other friends are also asking so here are the reasons:

  • It was an "impulse selling" (as opposed to impulse buying).  My sister wants one, I happen to have one so I sold it to her.
  • I was neglecting my other gadgets (MacBook -- the real one, NDS Lite and iPod Touch).  To find time for them, one has to go and the Eee PC was it.
  • A friend asked if I was unhappy with the Eee PC.  Well definitely not!  It was my first Linux-only system and I really enjoyed the opportunity to hack my way through Linux using this system.
  • What now?  I'll probably wait for the next big (or small) thing to come along and if things are as good as the Eee PC, I will get it.
BTW, anyone interested in a slightly used iPod Touch?

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Au Revoir Macbookquito

My MacBookquito (my Eee PC with the distinctive white Apple Sticker) now has a new home.  It was bought by my sister and hopefully, she'll take good care of it.

Since I no longer own an Eee PC, I'll probably do less and less entry on this blog but I'll continue to monitor the Eee PC "scene", both local and international... maybe I'll get the next generation Eee PC or maybe I'll try out another ultraportable.  But in the meantime, I'm thinking of getting either an iPhone, or a Nokia E90... or a Nokia N595 with the proceeds of my Eee PC sale -- I'm still deciding which next gadget to get.

So for the few people who read this blog, thanks for visiting... it's been a wild ride.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Know Thy Eee-nemy: Classmate PC will Soon be on Sale Locally!

TAGUIG CITY, Philippines -- Intel will start offering a retail version of its Classmate PC, an affordable mobile PC device initially designed for use in schools, in the local market this year, a regional executive told
Intel to start offering retail version of Classmate PC in RP -, Philippine News for Filipinos

On the local front, Intel just announced that their Classmate PC will soon be available locally through a local partner. The Classmate PC should, like the Asus Eee PC, be able to run either Windows XP or Linux. If the supply of the local Classmate PC is not as tight as the Eee PC, then Asus has something to worry about.

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Know Thy Eee-nemy: The HP Compaq 2133 UMPC


Obviously geared towards the same market being dominated by the Eee PC, this piece of ultraportable tech from HP/Compaq looks good on paper.  But given the bad history HP computers have with me, I'd rather stick to the Asus Eee for now.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Touch Screen Eee PC for Sale

Selling my eeepc 4gb with touchscreen at 21,000.
1gb memory touch screen with windows xp pro
box and manuals.
good as bnew!
EEEpc 4g TOUCH SCREEN / Windows XP PRO. 21,000pesos

Don't look now but a local dude is selling a "Touch Screen" Eee PC for the "yummy" price of Php 21,000 (approx. $512).

Is it kosher?

Is it legit?

I guess we'll never know... :(

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kindle Schmindle! I Prefer Comix!

My fellow PhilMUGger vicicasas has converted his Eee into his very own Kindle ebook reader. His picture of the Kindle-ized Eee was even featured at Gizmodo. I have a Treo 650 and I love reading my eBooks from there so although I do have a couple of eBooks on my Eee, only to keep on returning to my Treo 650 for my eBook fix.

However, another good friend of mine, reverseenginner of PeeePCeee has another idea: turn the Eee PC into a comicbook reader. I followed his tip on reading comicbooks from the Eee and I think that the Eee makes the best comicbook reader using a Linux program called "comix".

But instead of the "Killing Joke", I'm currently reading Iron Man: Inevitable. Cool huh?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wireless Eee PC Surfing using a Nokia N95 (8Gb)

I was lucky enough to snag a Nokia N95 (8Gb) as a review unit for a local magazine that I write for and after doing my article (actually, two articles) for that unit, I experimented and tried connecting it to my Eee PC to see if it plays well together.

To my pleasant surprise, I was able to configure my Eee to do dial-up networking using the Nokia N95 as a wireless modem! Here's how its done if you want to use Smart:
  • connect the phone to the Eee using the bundled data cable (the cable for the N95 is a standard USB-to-miniUSB cable). Once connected, the phone will ask what kind of connection it will start, I chose "PC Suite".
  • on the Eee side, initiate the Network Connections applet (Control Center --> Network Connections) and click on the "Create..."
    button. This should start the "Connection Wizard"
  • On the Connection Wizard, select "Dial-up" as the connection type then click next. The Eee will seem to freeze for a while as it tries to detect the N95.
  • On the next screen select "Nokia - Nokia N95 8GB /dev/ttyACM0 then click "Next"
  • It will ask for a phone number, enter the phone number of your ISP. In Manila, Philippines, the dialing prefix should be "02" and dialing suffix blank then click "Next"
  • enter the user ID and password you use for your ISP and click "Next"
  • enter a descriptive name for this connection and click Next. The Eee will again freeze for a bit as it saves your configuration
That's it! To use this new connection method, go back to the Network Connection applet and select your new configuration, click on the Connection button and select "Connect..."

I need to do more researh if this method can be used to access the local telco's 3G/HSDPA network,