Saturday, May 24, 2008

uMobile + LG KU 380 + CDR King "Smallest Bluetooth Dongle" = Happiness?

I just bought a really small Bluetooth dongle from CDR King and paired it with the free uMobile handset (LG KU 380) and guess what? I got a decent online speed from my house at Sta. Rosa Laguna!

If I can consistently get this speed, then I'll have a reason to just drop my CRAPPY Digitel DSL service. Why? well, look below and see why I'd prefer surfing using my cellphone:


Ozzee said...

Are you using this with linux? I'm interested to know because I'm looking for a phone to use mobile internet with and I'm a linux user.

Berniej said...

Nope, I am still in the middle of experimenting with WinXP on my Eee when I did this... until now