Friday, May 30, 2008

Bullet-point Review: The Axioo Classmate PC

  • It looks like the Neo Xplore X1.
  • Unlike the Neo Xplore X1, the Axioo Classmate PC doesn't have a traditional hard drive, opting for a meager 2GB SSD.
  • It has PCLinuxOS preinstalled which I find rather difficult to work with.
  • In preinstalled Linux is full-blown -- too many apps installed.
  • The integrated graphics processor is powerful enough to run Compiz Fusion with relative ease.
  • It does look like a kid's lunchbox when closed.
  • It is difficult to use on a WPA-encrypted wireless network but a breeze to use on an unprotected wifi network.
  • Its ethernet connection is also relatively easy to configure.
  • Plays stunning video -- provided the video file is of high quality too. :)
  • The keyboard has a better feel than the keyboard of the Eee PC. However, it only has one [Shift] key, making touch typing a chore.
  • No integrated webcam (as if I use my Eee PC's integrated webcam...).
  • Integrated speakers are barely audible.
  • The package I got doesn't have a restore CD, which will make it difficult to restore in case something goes wrong with the OS.
  • Driver download from the web seems to be non-existent (I can be wrong here) making a DIY upgrade to WinXP an impossibility (for now).
  • Should be good enough if a user only intends to do web surfing, emailing and 'light' document writing.
  • I'd be laughed out of the conference room if I decide to bring this to a meeting.
  • The SD/MMC card slot is at the back of the unit, making it a chore to install/swap cards.
  • It only has two USB ports available.
More later...

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