Sunday, March 29, 2009

My "small" Switch -- Hacking the Wind

I I previously mentioned, I switched from the Eee PC 701 to the MSI Wind U-100x. The Atom processor in this baby is vastly faster than the Celeron processor of my old Eee PC. The larger screen is also kinder to my aging eyes.

The primary reason why I switched to the Wind is its high "hackability" potential. I know that people had been installing OSX to the Wind since last year but there were a lot of kinks and bugs that made installing OSX a losing proposition. That was until I discovered that the built-in wi-fi adapter of the MSI Wind is already working with minimal fuss. All thank to

Installing OSX to the Wind was very easy as long as all the drivers required is at hand. I was amazed at this because I feel like the Wind is as fast as my previously stolen white Apple MacBook. The only quirk remaning with this installation is its wonky webcam when running PhotoBooth -- something I rarely use.

I configured my Wind to dual-boot with the bundled MS Windows XP Home but I find myself using OSX 90% of the time because I mainly use it to surf the 'net and I am more confident that I will be less vulnerable to at least 98% of virus and trojans on it.

One good effect of this exercise is now I am more convinced to get a unibody MacBook later in the year as a replacement for my stolen white MacBook. But for now, I'll just enjoy what I have at hand.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

My "small" Switch!

For more than a year now, I've been contented with my Eee PC 701 (4G) but around two weeks ago, I decided that the small screen and small storage of the Eee is no longer serving me well. An officemate, who is also connected with a local PC reseller has offered me a good deal on a yet another netbook. Since I have some disposable cash, I opted to "bite" at his offer.

My new netbook is now an MSI Wind U-100x. This is the cheaper variant of the Wind that does not have built-in bluetooth but has 2GB on-board RAM and 160GB hard drive.

Setting up the Wind for the first time was a no-sweat affair. All I needed to do was sit back and relax while it does its own thing and after a reboot, everything is in place -- MS Windows XP was installed and all I needed to do was to install my favorite apps (FireFox, MS Office, etc.)

Being a self-confessed techie, I also experimented with installing the Wind with OS X but that's for a different post altogether.