Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dell to Release its own Eee PC Competitor [Know Thy Eee-nemy]

CNN reports that Compal, one of the large contract manufacturers for Dell says that they are manufacturing yet another 8.9" ultra portable laptop that Dell intends to sell by June of this year.  Reported to retail for less than $499 (around Php 20,000+), this will definitely be another Eee PC competitor.

This niche is really starting to get interesting considering that HP has already released their own 8.9" model (the Mini-Note) and other manufacturers are also coming out with their own version of the ultra-small laptop.  I sure hope that the industry sustains this thrust because these types of computers are highly instrumental in truly bridging the digital divide.

The "powers that be" at Asus should start patting themselves at the back for starting this trend.
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