Monday, April 7, 2008

HP's 2133: Great Hardware, Crappy OS

PC World - HP's 2133: A Tiny Laptop an Adult Can Really Use

If we are to take this review seriously, it seems like the HP2133 is a worthy adversary for the Eee PC in terms of hardware specs but the praises ends there. It seems like its preloaded Microsoft Vista is acting like a millstone around the HP2133's neck causing this little wonder to slow down and not perform at its peak,.

Too bad, it certainly looks really good but at almost double the price, I'll take an Eee PC anytime... for now...

UPDATE: Hours after posting, it seems like the 2133 is now available in the U.S. with an SRP of $499 (around Php21,000) for the base model, its higher spec'ed sibling will retail at around $749 (around Php 31,000). See more details here and here. It is now oficially known as the "HP Mini-Note".
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