Friday, April 11, 2008

The Cloudbook Has Landed! [Know Thy Eee-nemy]

The Eee PC's first serious competition will soon be available locally -- end of April 2008 to be exact. I chanced upon this juicy piece of information through an email I received earlier today. The distributor will be "Advance Microsystems Corp." a local company and they can be found online at -- too bad their website doesn't show the Cloudbook... yet.. The local Cloudbook will have an SRP of Php 19,999, the same SRP of the Eee PC when it was first iintroduced locally.

Will this pose a serious threat to the Eee?

I'd love to hear some comments from my readers :)
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Ed said...

You might be interested to know that Astone is already selling a variation of the Cloudbook. It's actually closer to the Via reference design than the production Cloudbook from Everex, owing to the touchscreen and bluetooth skype-phone module beside the screen. It's called the Astone UMPC.

Also, Everex is prepping to release the 2nd-gen Cloudbook. Ars Technica broke the story here: .

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