Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3-D Desktop for Eee!

While waiting for a client to call, I browsed around my Eee PC's Synaptic Package Manager when a particular application caught my eye: It was called "Xandros 3ddesktop". Its description says "This package contains configuration files to make the 3D desktop program activate under the Xandros KDE desktop when F12 is pressed." Throwing caution to the wind, I installed it and after a restart, I was greeted by the picture shown above when I pressed F12! I was so amazed by the effect that I added an additional virtual desktop to my configuration because having *only* two virtual desktops makes the effect less... um... effective. :)

I must caution that my Eee is running with a 1Gb RAM and this 3D effect may cause machines with less RAM to slowdown considerably.

1 comment:

Ade said...

I've seen that in Synaptic but I was scared to try it. But now I'm on eeeXubuntu so I obviously can't use that. Bah. Sayang.