Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Whoa Mama! The 9" Eee PC is So Near, I Can Taste It!


Some of you may already heard of the bad news... my 13" MacBook was stolen last week... a few days after I sold my 4G Eee PC 701 to my sister.  Yeah, I know... big bummer!

Anyway, looking at the silver lining of this cloud that had formed over my head, I find it serendipitous that Apple had released a new line of MacBooks days before my MacBook was stolen.  Then barely weeks after I sold my old Eee PC, this comes along.  Is the universe conspiring so that I can refresh my gear?

I am blogging this using an El Cheapo, no-name generic laptop running both Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP (dual boot) and I am quite thankful to my Eee PC experience because I now know my way around Linux to make me use my Ubuntu installation more than WinXP.  A friend (or a relative) may look forward to another bargain laptop for sale once the 9" Eee PC becomes available locally because this is just to sweet to pass up.

And as for this blog, well, it just had a new lease on life, thanks to the 9" Eee.
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