Monday, February 25, 2008

Why oh Why???

Last night, I received an SMS from my good friend the Doodler owns PeeePCeee asking me why I sold my MacBookquito.  Other friends are also asking so here are the reasons:

  • It was an "impulse selling" (as opposed to impulse buying).  My sister wants one, I happen to have one so I sold it to her.
  • I was neglecting my other gadgets (MacBook -- the real one, NDS Lite and iPod Touch).  To find time for them, one has to go and the Eee PC was it.
  • A friend asked if I was unhappy with the Eee PC.  Well definitely not!  It was my first Linux-only system and I really enjoyed the opportunity to hack my way through Linux using this system.
  • What now?  I'll probably wait for the next big (or small) thing to come along and if things are as good as the Eee PC, I will get it.
BTW, anyone interested in a slightly used iPod Touch?

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Adel said...

How much for the Touch?

Berniej said...

@Adel: I sent you the price via SMS.

Oh and one more thing, due to a recent incident, I may bring back the Eee to my lifEee... (see my "Heads Up & Others" post at PhilMUG)