Monday, June 30, 2008

Eeep! The MSI Wind is Finally Available Locally!

Well, its official: The much awaited MSI Wind ulpc is now available locally at PC Corner! Initial pricing ranges from Php 24K (around $535) for a "bare" unit with no OS and it goes up to Php32K (around $710) for one that has Windows XP preinstalled among other add-ins.

Although the Wind is priced around Php10K more than the entry-level Eee PC, the Wind has the upper hand in terms of processor (Intel Atom), keyboard/trackpad size, and storage. If I'm in the market for a laptop, I wouldn't think twice before getting this baby over the HP2133(mininote) but I would have to reserve final judgement until Acer and Dell comes out with their own entry to the ulpc niche.

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