Monday, December 10, 2007

MonkeyGTD: GEeeTEeeDEee for the Eee

Ok! I admit it! I have poor short-term memory! This is why a PDA (and now the Eee PC) is amont the things I carry with me on a daily basis. These tools serves as a container for all the things I need to get done. On my Mac, I use iGTD as a way for me to track all the things I need to do but now that I use my Eee more than my Mac, I needed to find something that will will work under Linux.

Enter MonkeyGTD — a flavor of Tiddlywiki that has been customized to work under the GTD paradigm. Just like ~Tiddlywiki, MonkeyGTD doesn't require any compliated installation routines nor knowledge in esoteric Linux command line interface, simply download a copy of the MonkeyGTD's .html file to your Eee PC, open it using the bundled FireFox and you're set! What could be simpler and easier than that?

Here's a tip, set your MonkeyGTD as FireFox's default homepage and you'll see a list of your to-do's each time you run your browser. Here's a bonus tip: you can host your MonkeyGTD at and access your to-do list everywhere you have internet access!

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