Sunday, December 2, 2007

Put a Calendar to Eee's Thunderbird Mail Client

The bundled Thunderbird mail client of the Eee PC is an outstanding email program. It supports different types of mail servers and can even connect to GMail's new IMAP capability. But people who are used to using MS Outlook may miss something if they switch to Thunderbird -- the Calendar function. Good thing there's an add-on for Thunderbird called "Lightning". Lightning gives Thunderbird a calendar function and makes it appear a it like MS Outlook Windows users are familiar with.


With this add-on, users (or switchers) from Window-based systems will have an interface that is very familiar with them.

I am also able to add a functionality to my Thuderbird + Lightning setup, the ability to sync my calendar with Google Calendar. But that requires a separate blog post in itself... ABANGAN!

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