Sunday, December 9, 2007

Synch Your Notes Using TiddlySpot

A few posts ago, I wrote about TiddlyWiki being the ideal note-taking application for the Eee PC. I fawned over how it doesn't need any complicated installation procedure and the ease of using it.

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It looks like my songs of praise for TiddlyWiki does not end there because I just discovered a website called TiddlySpot. So what is TiddySpot? It is a free hosting service for TiddlyWiki. Setting up a wiki at TiddlySpot takes just a few seconds and it does not even require a potential user to jump through hoops. TiddlySpot even gives its users a choice on what type of TiddlyWiki they want to set up. One may choose "vanilla" TiddlyWiki, a MonkeyPirate TiddlyWiki (with "TagglyTagging"), Presentation (for websites and online presentations), MonkeyGTD (for Getting Things Done junkies).

A big bonus of using the TiddlySpot service is a user with a hosted TiddlyWiki can save a local copy and work with it offline, then synchronize changes whenever there is an internet service available (cool huh?).

Now all the notes I create using TiddlyWiki on my Eee PC can have an online backup that I can access anywhere using any computer (what can be cooler than that?)! I have created a private wiki at TiddlySpot but I'm planning to create something more public in the near future.

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Daniel.Zo said...

Mildly disappointed that your post was mostly a cut_n_paste from the TiddySpot main page, but at least you got your facts right so B for effort.

Berniej said...

I visited the tiddlyspot homepage and I'm still looking at where I "cut_n_paste" stuff from it...