Wednesday, December 19, 2007

[You Ask, NoypEee Answers] How to Increase OpenOffice Menu Fonts

NoypEee reader Miko asks how to increase the font size of OpenOffice.Org's menu.

Here's a quick and dirty way to do it (not exactly dirty but I like to use the term...)
  • Open OpenOffice Writer
  • Got to Tools --> Options --> OpenOffice.Org --> View
  • In the User Interface area, change "Scaling" from its default of 90% to a larger value (110% works fine with me) then click Ok
And that's it!  The menu items of OpenOffice should be more myopia-friendly.


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1 comment:

Miko said...

Holy Cow!!!
That was fast!
Thanks so much! Now my eyes don't hurt! Haha!

Great blogging, write some more!