Monday, December 10, 2007

Flexible Keyboard for my Eee


I just bought my 2nd Eee PC accessory: a usb flexible keyboard. I got this so that I can maintain a better posture while playing/working with my Eee PC. Althought using this keyboard may require as much adjustment as the Eee's diminutive built-in keyboard,at least my back won't ache whenever I need to type long documents. I intend to leave this at my office table because that is where I usually type long documents

I got this keyboard for Php 400 (around $9) a small price to pay for a more comfortable typing on my Eee.

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-Finding God in All Things- said...

where did you buy the keyboard?

Berniej said...

bought it at Park Square 1, Makati

[BlockDog] said...

Looks great! Like in Die Hard 4.0 movie :))