Saturday, December 29, 2007

Erratum: Activating the Eee PC's Advanced Mode

My post on activating the Advanced Mode for the Eee PC has an error. I was not able to type the commands completely so people who followed my instructions may not have successfully activated their advanced desktop. So here's a clearer instruction:

  • from the Easy Mode desktop press "ctrl-alt-t" to open the terminal
  • at the terminal window, type "sudo apt-get update" at the user prompt and wait for the user prompt to return
  • then type "sudo apt-get install ksmserver kicker" and the installation process should start
  • once the process is done (you'll know because the user prompt at the terminal will return, close the terminal and restart your Eee. After the restart, you'll still see the usual Easy Mode screen.
  • to go to advanced mode, press the power button (or click on the round red button beside the smiley face in your task bar) and you'll see an additional option "Full Desktop" -- click it and your Eee will restart its window manager to the Advanced Mode.
The error in the original post was I forgot to include the word "install" in the 3rd step. Thanks the the eagle-eyed ivan for the heads-up.

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