Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Know Thy Eee-nemy: The E-Lead Noahpad

Pocketables.com reports that there's another ultramobile Linux-based notebook called the E-Lead Noahpad. What makes this little beast stand out from the crowd is its overall design that allows different ways of using it.

Under the hood, the Noahpad has a 1Ghz Via Eden C7 CPU, 512 Mb RAM, 30GB hard disk, 7" Touchscreen and a "patented" Noahpad touch-based keyboard. It is said to come bunded with Ubuntu Linux 7.1 but like the Eee, it can also run Windows. Other features are still vague but with whatever information available now, this indeed looks pretty interesting and *if* made widely available, may pose a serious threat to the Eee PC's early dominance in the market.

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