Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Flyback: Time Machine for the Eee?

One of the "killer" features of the newest OS X (Leopard) is a feature called "Time Machine". In a nutshell, Time Machine is an automated backup facility of OS X that does the dirty job of creating backup in the background and on the fly. Theoretically, a Mac user who accidentally deletes a file can "go back in time" to recover his lost data. Time machine does its work quietly and efficiently while freeing the Mac user from worrying about doing his backups.

Enter Flyback. The princible behind Flyback is the same, set and forget backup scheme that works unobtrusively in the background. Flyback requires some Python files as dependencies but theoretically, once it is set up, your Linux system will have a consistent backup running in the background.

I have yet to try installing Flyback on my Eee and once I do, I'll surely document it both as a personal reference and as a service to my fellow Eee users.

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