Monday, January 7, 2008

Hots-Eee-ncing Treo 650 with the Eee!

Last Saturday, I decided to re-animate my Treo 650. My Treo was in a coma for almost a year because its speakers has inexplicably lost its "voice". I decided *not* to have it serviced through the official Palm service at Singapore because refurbishing it was simply too expensive. Anyway, thanks to a post at PhilMUG regarding a "dead" Tungsten X which was eventually revived, I was able to track down the stall that did the repairs and the technician at the stall was able to replace my Treo 650's speakers for only Php 800 (around US$20).

Armed with my revived Treo 650, I remembered seeing "Palm Pilot Tool" in my Eee's Advanced Mode menu. So here is what I did to HotSync my Treo 650 with my Eee.
  • Start the Palm Pilot Tool (Applications --> Utilities --> Palm Pilot Tool)
  • Select "Wizard" and let the wizard detect your PDA's user name and port
  • Once the wizard has done running (it took me a couple of tries to successfully complete this step so be patient), it should display your user name on your PDA.
  • Once its all done, run HotSync again by pressing the hotsync button on your PDA.
  • Your PDA's data will now be viewable on the Eee through the Palm Pilot Tool.
That's basically it! I tweaked the Palm Pilot Tool to "dump" my Treo's data on my Eee's built-in Addressbook and Organizer.

Oh and one more thing... this my problem of importing/synchronizing the addressbook and calendar between my Mac and my Eee PC! (take note Adel)

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