Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Heads Up: Money Manager Buddi Updated... Again!

My favorite money manager on my Eee PC has released yet another update. The most current version now is Buddi-

I downloaded and installed this newest version and the program seems more responsive than its predecessor... but still not as responsive as the pre-3.x.x.x versions. It is, however still compatible with the plugins I installed for version so no problems on that front.

Here's how I did the upgrade:
  • When I fired up Buddi, it prompted me that there is an update available, so I clicked on the button that says download update.
  • Using File Manager, I navigated to where the file "Buddi- was saved and pressed Ctrl-Alt-T to open the
    console where the file was saved.
  • I issued the command "sudo dpkg -i Buddi-
  • I tested if the upgrade was successful by typing in "buddi" from the console.
  • When Buddi ran, I clicked on Help --> About Buddi and made sure that the version reported is already
That's it!

If you are not using Buddi yet but want to try it on your Eee, you can download it for free here.

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