Saturday, December 8, 2007

HOWTO: Install, Configure and Play Doom on the Eee PC

The second first-person shooter I played on the PC was Doom (the first one was Castle Wolfenstein) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is a Linux port of this classic game called lxDoom!

After doing a few research, here's a simple how to on installing and playing lxDoom on the Eee PC:
  • make sure that "deb stable main non-free contrib" is included in your sources.plist file.
  • invoke the Terminal and issue the command "sudo apt-get install lxdoom". This will download and install the lxDoom application on your Eee PC.
  • while still in the Terminal window, issue the command "sudo apt-get doom-wad-shareware" to download the .wad file. lxDoom will not run without this file.
  • from the terminal issue the command "lxdoom" and the game should start up although the gaming window will be quite small.
  • to run lxDoom in full screen, close the lxDoom window and issue the command "lxdoom -width 800 -height 480". This will give you a better resolution.
That's it! Happy Gaming!

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Shinrai said...

Hi sir,

I installed Windows XP on mine and would it be okay to share my experience here, from a NoypEee perspective?

Btw, it works extremely well and is much lighter (I think) than the Xandros install!

Berniej said...

Hey shinrai, congratulations on your XP installation.

Regarding your request to post here at NoypEee, I don't see any problems with it. Send me an email at so I can add you as a contributor to NoypEee.

Ade said...

Thanks for this tutorial! now I'm playing Doom to my heart's content!

tsiakhyie said...

kulang pala ng install sa apt-get, dapat "apt-get install doom-wad-shareware" :)

Dayne Waterlow Photography said...

i did this and it work awesome! accept there is not sound??? do you know why?? im using eeeXubuntu.