Thursday, December 13, 2007

Torrent-ing on the Eee (using Bittornado)

I've been wanting to try Ubuntu Linux on my Eee since I got wind of the news on eeeXubuntu. I found the download link but since I'm a good netizen (at least I think I am), I opted to use bittorrent to download it. BUT, the Eee doesn't seem to come with a good bittorrent client so I had to install one.

I decided to use Bittornado as my torrent client and here's what I did to install it:
  • at the terminal, I first issued the command "sudo apt-get -s install bittornado-gui" to make sure that the installation will not bork my Eee
  • after making sure that it will not over write any important files, i then issued "sudo apt-get install bittornado-gui" to initiate the download and installation of Bittornado.
  • once its done Bittornado client automagically appeared at my Advanced Desktop's Application --> Internet menu group!
And that's it! Happy torrenting!

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n00b said...

hi! i am a linux noob and i have no idea on how to install bittornado on my eee pc. can you give me a step-by-step instruction on how i can get BT to install in my eee pc? thanks in advance!

Berniej said...

Huh? Did you read my entire post? Its already there!

fetch said...

You're forgeting how much of a noob he could be. You have to open a terminal, I'm not sure how to do it in eeexandros but on debian you can use 'konsole' or 'xterminal'.

Then just type in exactly what he told you to write and your done.

Konsole might remind you of dos command line, so you will know it when you see it.

Lawrence Buccat said...

I have been using azureus for my bittorrent client. I cant seem to get bittornado installed. It wants me to install a lower version of python. Weirdness... but so far azureus suffices my bittorrent requirements.

Jamus said...

Also, I don't think the eeePC has the correct repositories set up right off the bat as well, so that could be giving some users trouble.

El Ractus said...

ItÅ› been some time since I've last used Linux, and I can't get this tutorial to work. When I use the command line just as you posted, it says "E: Couldn't find package bittornado-gui".

Please, let me know where am I screwing up...