Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mercury: Eee's answer to Mac's Quicksilver (and Windows' Launchy)

This is what I love about the Open Source community... they see a need and they do something about it and share it.  This is exactly what happened when a few Mac users bought their own Eee PC.  They missed a nifty Mac application called Quicksilver.  they talked about it and someone took action by coding a program that somehow worked similarly and dubbed it "Mercury" (Quicksilver... Mercury... get the drift?).


Well, its not much to look at in its present form but the author (eeeuser.com's MD81544) will release the code of this baby as GPL so the Open Source community may continue to improve on it.

Anyway, here's where Mercury got announced to the world and here's here it can be downloaded.

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