Monday, December 10, 2007

HOWTO: Install DOSBox on the Eee


Previously, I posted a screencap of a classic DOS-based PC Game called Dune 2.  I was able to run it on my Eee PC using a nifty application called DOSBox.  Here's how to set up and run DOSBox:
  • make sure that "deb stable main non-free contrib" is included in your "sources.plist" file.
  • at your Terminal window, issue the command "sudo apt-get install dosbox" and it will show that it dosbox will install a couple of files, press "y" at the prompt.
  • after the installation routine, type "dosbox" at the Terminal and it should run a DOS window.  In that window, you can issue several command but the most important command, IMHO is "intro mount" because that command will allow you to run your DOS games.
That's it!  In my case, I loaded up my old copy of Dune 2 on my Eee PC and ran it flawlessly.

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Dyl said...

sorry im a bit inexperienced with linux... can u pease give me some instructions on how to compete the first step?


Berniej said...

Hi dyl,

the easiest way is to do it through Synaptic.

- open a Terminal Window
- type "sudo synaptic"
- once the Synaptic Package Manager is running, click on "Settings -> Repositories" on the menu bar
- click on the "New" button
- in the URI field enter ""
- in the "Distribution" field, enter "stable"
- in the "Section(s)" field, enter "main non-free contrib"
- click on the "OK" button
- on the main Synaptic window, click on the "Reload" button and that's it!

Hope this helps

Estêvão said...

Thanks a lot.
I got it running in a flash!... and I'm for sure a newwbbiee.