Monday, December 17, 2007

NoypEee Suggestions for a Better Eee

The Asus Eee PC is a breakthrough product. Although it may seem to have an under-powered processor and anemic built-in storage, it has captured the fancy of a lot of geeks and non-geeks alike. There are still a few variants of the Eee that has yet to be released but they are all mostly the same thing as their 701 variant.

Here's a few suggestions for the second *real* version of the Eee PC:

  • keep the size but increase the screen real estate by maximizing the screen bezel.
  • add a bluetooth module *and* bundle a basic synchronization application for the more popular cellphones.
  • make the battery last longer.
  • allow users to upgrade its internal storage.
  • bundle an application that allows it to synchronize files with a desktop PC
  • come up with a docking station that will provide the Eee with an optical drive, expresscard and/or PCMCIA support, and modem.

Aside from these improvements, I wish Asus would also release a low-cost tablet PC (or at least a touch-screen version of the Eee).

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