Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MyPasswordSafe: Password Manager for Eee

When my favorite online banking site changed their password authentication scheme to accommodate web browsers other than Microsoft's (in)famous Internet Explorer, it prompted me (and I assume other users) to change their passwords. I dutifully changed mine but after a few days, I stupidly forgot my new password! So I had to go to my bank to apply for a new password and now I had to find a way to remember this newer new password.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon a thread at the EeeUser Forums that discussed password managers. They were discussing KeePassX but when I attempted to install it, I always end up with a "segmentation fault" error. Exasperated, I opted to do my own research on the matter and after browsing my Eee's Synaptic Package Manager, I came up with a nifty program called "MyPasswordSafe".

Installing MyPasswordSafe is as straightforward as marking it for installation under Synaptic -- as long as the additional Debian repository is included in it -- and then clicking on the "Apply" button on the menu. If you prefer to use the CLI, here's how it's done:
  • Open a new Terminal window
  • At the prompt, type in "sudo apt-get install mypasswordsafe"
And that's it!

MyPasswordSafe will be installed at /usr/bin so to run it, open a Terminal window and type in "/usr/bin/MyPasswordSafe". If, like me, you find it useful, you can add it to your advanced mode menu by using the Menu Editor (Application --> System --> Menu Editor). For help an how-to on using MyPasswordSafe, refer to

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Alex said...

fantastic tip thanks a lot it worked well, I had similar problems with keepass, now i am sorted!