Monday, December 10, 2007

Know Thy Eee-nemy reports that Everex (purveyor of the Linux-powered gPC) is set to release its own $399 ultraportable computer sharing the Eee's basic form factor.  The report further says that this new ultraportable (dubbed "Cloudbook") will run gOS -- the same Linux distro they preinstall on their low-cost desktops.  What makes the Cloudbook interesting is that instead of using solid state disks (SSD) similar to the one used with the Eee, this will have a traditional 30Gb hard drive!

Everex will also release a "developer edition" Cloudbook that has a touchscreen -- a hint that the second iteration of this ultraportable will also have a touchscreen.

I wonder how would Asus react to this (if they react at all)?

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