Friday, November 30, 2007

Flock on the Eee PC

I've been a Flock user for the longest time now. Flock is a Mozilla-based browser that has a lot of bundled extras that makes my life easier... in fact, I blogged about it a few times on my *other blog*.

Dubbed as the "social browser", Flock was built to automatically connect to several social networking websites, media sharing sites, online bookmarks and other online services(including Twitter).

I was first a it afraid to install Flock on my Eee PC because I am not that adept with Linux yet but with a little mucking around with the Terminal window and some crossed fingers, I was able to install it by simply following the instructions at Flock's FAQ. Now posting to my blogs has become a piece of cake with my Eee!

What surprised me is that Flock seems to be more stable than the built-in FireFox installation on the Eee and I'm not sure if its purely circumstantial but I find browsing the web using this browser is easier on the eyes -- or maybe I'm just such a big fan of Flock. :)

Blogged with Flock

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