Friday, November 30, 2007

Eee PC Day 1

9 hours after picking up my Galaxy Black Eee PC.

Its been nine hours since I had my Eee PC and I'm still feeling my way around this little laptop. Since I started playing with this (I'm using the Eee to post now) I was able to enable the "Advanced Mode" (see graphics above)using the instructions I found here. I opted to use Eee's advanced mode because it offers me more flexibility in terms of using the machine. I, however, did not set it at that mode permanently because I'm sure a lot of colleagues will be curious to see how its "native" interface looks like.

I thought of installing WINE but decided against it since I don't see the need to run any Windows-only applications at the moment. What I'm looking for is a blogging application so I can update this and my other blog even if I'm "offline".

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