Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

A good friend of mine called me up yesterday and told me that his store has the Asus Eee PC on stock. He also told me that his special price for me is waaay below the SRP. After a few minutes of contemplating, I decided to take the plunge and place my order.

I should be able to get my Asus Eee PC tomorrow. Hopefully the unit would be in "Galaxy Black" (the first batch of Eee PCs were white). While waiting for my Eee PC, I'm making an inventory of the things I have that will work with this diminutive computer:
  • an 80Gb external hard drive so I'll have more than enough semi-permanent data storage
  • a 1Gb flashdisk which I intend to use whenever I'm on the road
  • several SD cards (one can never have enough storage)
  • wifi access point at home (which, btw, has no security whatsoever)
  • wifi access point at work with WPA encryption
  • retractable UTP CAT5 cable for connecting to my clients if needed
  • retractable mouse
I *may* need to get a DVD drive for this but that is an expense for next year. I'll also need to get a new (and smaller) gear bag to carry this little thing in. Anyway, based on my list, I think I'm all set.

can't wait for tomorrow...

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Buddy Migs said...

Maybe your friend still has one left.

i'd love to have one.


Aja said...

I've been wanting to have one as well after I've read your (possibly) first post about the Eee PC. If I may ask, is the 4GB model good enough or would the 8GB model (or the second generation models) be worth the wait?