Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You Ask, NoypEee Answers

Aja asks:

I've been wanting to have one as well after I've read your (possibly) first post about the Eee PC. If I may ask, is the 4GB model good enough or would the 8GB model (or the second generation models) be worth the wait?

If you intend to use it for writing (documents and/or blogs) *and* you don't replace the built-in OS to WinXP, the 4GB model should be more than enough internal storage.  I emphasized the word "internal" because I know that the Eee PC can use USB Flashdrives and external hard drives as secondary external storage.


MiGs, on the other hand says:

Maybe your friend still has one left.

i'd love to have one.

I'm not sure if my friend still have stocks of the Eee PC because this little computer is literally selling like puto bumbong!  If you are set on buying one, you can visit my friend's brick & mortar store -- Digital Walker at VMall in Greenhills.

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