Sunday, June 22, 2008

Foil Keyloggers with Keyscrambler

I have been doing an Information Security Awareness training for the past couple of days and in doing so, I realized that I am not practicing what I preach... I have been discussing about trojan horses and keyloggers and I realized that I am now using Windows XP and I am not exactly protected against keyloggers.

Good thing I chanced upon a program called Keyscrambler. It is a browser add-in (compatible with IE7, Firefox and Flock) that, as the title program says, scrambles the keystroke you enter on your browser. It is a nice additional security layer for people who, like me, sometimes finds themselves using the 'net on public wi-fi access points.

Its also kind of cool to actually see how keyscrambler encrypts your keystrokes on the fly.

Keyscrambler is a free download, but will cost you a few dollars in case you want inreased functionality.

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